Prevention and Security assessment

Penetration testing services:

External Penetration Testing - is a way to conduct a comprehensive security assessment of the external perimeter, detect existing vulnerabilities that could potentially be exploited by fraudsters, and check the infrastructure’s ability to resist external attacks

Internal Penetration Testing - helps prevent all of the above by promptly identifying and fixing flaws in internal infrastructures. Thanks to penetration testing, companies can eliminate detected problems and improve both the security of their network and the stability of their business processes.

Following the dynamic development of Artificial Intelligence technologies, we propose to conduct Application Security testing. Testing can be carried out without waiting for a queue and get a report in a short, predictive time, while maintaining hand-made quality. A unique zero False-positive SLA is offered for customers!

Online Banking Security Assessment – helps identify what vulnerabilities are in the system, the current security level of your online banking system, How easily a threat actor could gain access to sensitive information and steal the company’s funds

Web Application Security Assessment - analyzes how secure web applications are as well as their resilience to attacks that aim to steal confidential information, cause system failures, and penetrate a company’s local infrastructure. Mobile Application Security Assessment (for iOS and Android) – helps protect you and your customers from data leaks and thefts

Social Engineering – helps to assess the awareness of your employees and minimize risks linked to human error

Red teaming

Continuous Red Teaming can help you to be prepared for targeted attacks, identify and mitigate complex vulnerabilities, and enhance your security team's ability to respond to real-world incidents.

Compromise assessment

During a Compromise Assessment, experts detect traces of attack preparation and compromise within your IT infrastructure, assess the scale of damage and determine which assets in the network were attacked and how it occurred.

Pre-Incident Response assessment

Organization will receive integrated assessment of key elements — technology, team, processes & documents. Experts will analyze current procedures and build incident response plan. Actionable recommendations and roadmap to implement identified improvement opportunities.

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