Test your e-commerce resources

If you ask, yourself questions:

  • How secure is my Internet business Portal?
  • I need to run Penetration test tomorrow! How can I do?
  • We have developed a mobile app – does it contain vulnerabilities?
  • I have an Internet store – I will not be stolen goods, or customer data?
  • Do my Internet resources meet GDPR, PCI-DSS compliance?
  • My Internet business requires Continuous Penetration testing in 24×7 mode. Who can help my?
  • What information about my company’s resources is available in the Dark Web?
  • How effective are the available network protection tools of mine Company?

We have an answer - solution based on company ImmuniWeb technology:

  • Active use of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technologies
  • Experience based on over 90,000 penetration tests daily
  • The algorithms use the leading methodologies of OWASP, NIST, PCI, FedRAMP
  • The ImmuniWeb technologies are recognized by the leading analysts of Gartner, IDC

You will get:

  • Holistic visibility of the company’s assets, risks, and threats
  • Complete structured report of vulnerabilities and inconsistencies
  • Detailed recommendations for troubleshooting
  • Report provided in agreed time

Quality Assurance:

  • Guaranteed start time of work within 3 working days
  • Guaranteed time of carrying out the entire complex of works and submitting the report within 10 working days
  • Money Back guarantee in case of non-fulfilment SLA of report or False Positive


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